Step 1: Secure Your Date(s)

Call us FIRST at 612-701-6969 to check available dates before you fill out the form in Step 2. You will need to add the date agreed upon to fill out this confirmation form.

Availability of dates is on a first come, first serve basis.

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Contact Information:

Dan Johnson, owner

Phone: 612-701-6969

Step 2: Fill out the Confirmation Form

Once you fill out the below form you are booked for your event!

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Cancellation Policy

If a client cancels an event within 5 business days of event date, they will be charged 100% of full package price. If the event is cancelled more than 5 business days of event date, 50% of package price will be charged. In the event that the client wishes to reschedule within an agreed upon time and Elite Espresso is available, they may do so.

Elite Espresso is Minnesota’s pioneering espresso catering service, and we’re proud to call MN home. We cater to most of the Twin Cities and surrounding communities.